Meet Lukas


I just love shooting weddings. It’s more than just a job, it’s my thing. What really gets me about photography, especially weddings, is people. The way we connect, express ourselves, and share the love, it’s all just fascinating. And where else can you find such epic moments to capture than at a wedding, right? When I’m not behind the lens, you’ll probably catch me out biking or tinkering in the garden.

The tale of yours truly

After photographing weddings for over 12 years, I can confidently say I’ve seen my fair share of love stories unfold. But how did it all begin? Well, my photography journey started with a passion for travel. From backpacking across Asia to wandering through the Americas and Africa, I learned to tell stories through my lens. Along the way, I had the incredible opportunity to learn from and be inspired by some stellar photographers like Mary Ellen Mark, Richard Kalvar, Simon Roberts, to name just a few. Eventually, I left my marketing career behind toto pursue photography full-time. And let me tell you, it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made! Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to capture the love stories of countless amazing couples from all corners of the globe.

Meet Lina


Lina is our marketing and social media guru. But that’s not all – she’s also the magic behind our post-production process, crafting those stunning albums and photobooks you’ll treasure forever. With a background in advertising, she’s got a tremendous eye for detail and composition. And let’s not forget the feminine flair she adds to our work – it’s what sets us apart!

And then there’s our dynamic duo, Frank and Gavin, our endless bundles of inspiration and occasional chaos. When we’re not busy chasing after them, you’ll likely find us out exploring nearby trails, chilling in cozy coffee shops, or plotting our next adventure.