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Authentic wedding storytelling. That's what I'm really passionate about. Real moments, emotions and reactions captured in a natural and spontaneous way. Based in Scotland, I shoot weddings all over the UK and internationally aiming to record your wedding day as it happens, without directing or influencing the events, and most importantly without getting in your way. For me it's all about the real stuff, about you having the time of your lives and sharing it with your friends and family. The thing is, the photos are about the day, not the other way around.


Below is a gallery of my favourite photos. They illustrate my style and my philosophy, but more importantly they represent all that have made me feel something on a wedding day. So if they make you feel something, there is a good chance we are an excellent match.

"My dad never smiles in photographs (ever!) but your photos of him are the happiest we've ever seen of him!"




Emma + Andrew

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